Information and Downloads

To help you with your allotment, The National Allotment Society has produced a series of leaflets which we hope you will find of use. Please click on the link to download the appropriate document.

Allotment Toilets

Allotment Wildlife

Bonfires on Allotments

Children On The Plot

Clearing An Overgrown Plot

Devolved Management

Flooding On The Allotment

Health and Safety

Honey Bees and Wild Pollinators

Keeping Rabbits and Hens on Allotments

Obtaining An Allotment

Planning and Designing An Allotment

Promoting and Publicity On The Allotment

Voice of the Allotments Community

Water Use On Allotments

Why Make Compost

Creating a New Allotment

New Allotment Site Design

Installing a Water Borehole

Advanced Sustainable Water Collection

ALG Magazine Subscription

Engaging With Children

Ground Water Collection

Growing Drought Resistant Plants

Intro To Drought

Intro To Sustainable Water Collection

Allotment Association Insurance

NAS Gift Card

Soil Health

Plan and Design an Allotment Plot

What Can Your Plot Do For Wildlife

Further information

For advice on specific allotment management issues, local funding opportunities and more, get in touch with your regional representatives who will be happy to provide expert advice and guidance. 

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